Access USD with BUSD: Binance’s Shadow Bank Solution Unveiled

What is the Issue?

The SEC has recently cracked down on Paxos, a regulated entity that issues stablecoins like BUSD. This restriction has stirred the entire crypto space as it prevents the minting of new tokens. Additionally, Binance appears to be in deep waters as it has been speculated to carry out multiple administered moves, including massive outflows of Bitcoin and BUSD.

Suspicion Around Binance

Analysts have speculated that Binance was aware of the issue with Paxos before it was cracked. This suspicion stems from an observation by Skew that showed a gigantic BTC swap on Binance just prior to the SEC’s announcement.

Binance’s Shadow Bank Solution

To counter this issue, Binance appears to be targeting ETH-based stablecoins with their own solution: a shadow bank solution that allows users to easily swap tokens between Ethereum and other chains. This would allow them to continue issuing new BUSD tokens even after Paxos was restricted by the SEC.

Adoption of BSC-Based Stablecoin

Another possible motive for this move is for them to enhance the adoption of their own stablecoin based on the BSC chain instead of Ethereum’s network. By doing so, they would be able to maintain control over their own tokens while also providing customers with more options when trading cryptocurrencies on their exchange platform.


In conclusion, while it remains unclear whether or not these suspicions are true, what is certain is that Binance faces an uphill battle in terms of its regulatory status due to its attempted manipulation of markets and potential violation of securities laws. As such, traders should be cautious when interacting with any products offered by this company until further clarity can be established regarding its legal standing within the industry.

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