Justin Sun to Trade Meme Coins: Which Assets Will Make the List?

• Justin Sun, founder of Tron, recently announced his intention to begin actively trading meme coins and promising cryptos.
• This announcement comes as part of a wider promotional strategy to diversify his portfolio into emerging meme coins.
• Popular meme coin assets likely to make Sun’s list include Copium, Dogecoin, and SHIBA INU Coin.

Justin Sun to Actively Begin Meme Coin Trading

Justin Sun recently announced that he will begin actively trading meme coins and promising cryptos through his public address. The tweet was amid the new wave of meme coin mania pumped by Pepe and SpongeBob Token. Being one of the most revered figures in the crypto market, Sun’s backing can potentially trigger multifold rallies for the assets.

Promotional Strategy

The Tron founder had earlier invited meme coin developers to build on the Tron network and benefit from funding support of up to $1 million. His portfolio diversification into emerging meme coins can be seen as part of a wider promotional strategy. Nevertheless, traders are eagerly tracking his wallet address to follow suit as the meme coin market is highly sensitive to endorsements and nods from celebrities like Elon Musk and Mark Cuban.

Assets Likely To Make The List

Which meme coins are most likely to make his list? Here are our top predictions: Copium – Can Humor, FOMO, and Camaraderie Pump the Next Meme Coin Explosion? On top of our list is Copium – the latest meme coin sensation that went 500% up the charts within hours of going live on 18 May 2023; Dogecoin – Originally created as a joke cryptocurrency in 2013; SHIBA INU Coin – A token inspired by Dogecoin that has reached an all-time high price recently due its limited supply structure (only 1 billion tokens).

Copium – Unique Theme & Delivery

At the heart of Copium’s overnight rise to popularity is its unique theme and delivery. The meme cryptocurrency is built around the theme of “coping” with missed opportunities. “Bought the top, anon? Did your favourite influencer use you as exit liquidity? Were you part of a Ponzi scheme that left your bags worthless while others walked away with generational wealth? We feel your pain, and we’re here to help you cope,“ says their website. The movement driven by humour, FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out), camaraderie among users is likely what gave it such explosive growth potential when it launched less than two weeks ago.


Overall Justin Sun’s move into actively trading memes could signal a new trend in cryptocurrency markets where buying popular tokens has proven lucrative before but now investors are looking further downmarket for emerging tokens for bigger gains! Only time will tell which asset makes it onto Justin’s list but expect other famous crypto personalities soon following suit with similarly diverse portfolios!

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