Supermoon Tower: 3-Day Event at Iconic Denver Clock Tower

• Supermoon is hosting a 3-day event at the Denver Clock Tower from March 1st to March 3rd
• The event includes panel discussions, workshops, and social networking events
• It will feature pitches from selected startups, talks from Native and Mintbase teams, and a VC reception.

Supermoon’s Event at ETH Denver

Supermoon is coming to ETH Denver with its 3-day event at the Denver Clock Tower from March 1st through the 3rd. From 12:00 pm until 11:00 pm daily, this event will feature panel discussions, workshops, and social networking events all while enjoying beautiful views of Denver.

Day One Activities

The first day (March 1st) will kick off with the Talent Protocol brunch, followed by a series of talks and discussions leading up to the exclusive Native Soiree. Native is an infrastructure layer that turns exchanges into a feature rather than a standalone app, enabling projects to launch their own DEX in just a few minutes.

Day Two Highlights

On the second day (March 2), guests can start their day with Supermoon’s members-only coffee hour and Open Microphone Podcast session where members can share their opinions on current events in crypto and web3. Afterward, selected startups will be showcasing their projects in front of VC funds and investors alongside Techstars – Supermoon’s special partner. Following this showcase is a special talk by Native about how Web3 Infrastructure can open the door for mass adoption. The day ends with a VC reception where Startup Day participants and Supermoon members can have intimate conversations.

Day Three Workshops

The third day (March 3) will be all about builders as it offers special workshops from the Mintbase team. At one workshop Luis Freitas will discuss Mintbase dev stack while Nate Geier – CEO of Mintbase – speaks about AffiliateDirect during another session. Additionally NEST will provide insight on digital identity management during their talk on global exchanges as well as asset management confidence techniques.


This unique opportunity provides access to exclusive activations for Supermoon members only who are founders, builders or investors involved in cryptocurrency ventures or related topics like web3 infrastructures or DEXes . With such an amazing lineup this promises to be an unforgettable experience at ETH Denver!

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