Win $150K Worth of Undercity: Enter Now for Multiple Entries!

• Undercity is launching a $150,000 airdrop to celebrate their upcoming presale.
• To be eligible, participants must hold at least $150 of $UND at the time of the draw.
• Participants can enter through Gleam by completing various tasks for multiple entries.

Undercity’s $150,000 Airdrop

Undercity has announced an airdrop with $150,000 up for grabs to mark the launch of its much-awaited presale and the rapidly growing community. The 10,000 meter-squares village houses virtual reality rooms, atmosphere bars and streaming rooms that will be reproduced in the metaverse for global users. Those interested in entering must hold at least $150 worth of UND tokens at the time of the draw to be eligible for the prize.

How to Enter

Participants are able to enter via Gleam by completing listed tasks that come with multiple entries. These tasks include entering their Crypto Wallet Address; joining @undercity_chat on Telegram; tweeting @Undercity_off on Twitter; following @Undercity_offRetweeting on Twitter; visiting @Undercity.officiel on Instagram; visiting the website undercity; and sharing with friends for ten extra entries which increases chances of winning.

The Goal

The goal behind this is to build awareness around Undercity and its first-of-its-kind village dedicated to gamers, role players and cosplayers in France as well as globally when reproduced in metaverse format. Reaching more users through giveaways such as this one are part of Undercity’s marketing initiatives which is why it is offering this amazing opportunity for one lucky person to win $150k worth of UNDERCITY ($UND).


This giveaway comes with no cost but only requires a few seconds of your time along with holding a minimum amount ($150) of UND tokens at the time of draw in order to be eligible to win this prize. Therefore it should not be missed out on since it could potentially bring you great rewards!


Undercity aims to offer users a unique gaming experience like no other while also providing them with exciting opportunities such as this one where they have a chance at winning big! With all that said make sure you take full advantage by entering now before it’s too late!


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